The United States of America makes immigration possible, but certainly not easy. There is countless paperwork to fill out, court dates to attend, deadlines to meet, and more. Employment-based immigration, sometimes referred to as business immigration, is tricky to understand. Whether you are just beginning the process as a foreign student or are a seasoned veteran of the business immigration process, you will greatly benefit from bringing in an experienced immigration attorney to help you navigate it all. For those in Washington State, Beacon Immigration is here to help.

This is too important to mess up! Just a few of the common forms of business immigration benefits we can assist you with include, H-1b & TN Visa Petitions, Labor Certification, F-1 Student Visas & OPT, and J-1 Visas & Waivers. We will also help you better understand which category of employment-based immigrant you fall into and find the best path forward based on this. There are approximately 140,000 immigrant visas available each year for individuals looking to obtain a green card based off employment. Yet, nearly all of these go to men and women who are able, willing, qualified, and available to work in high-demand fields where American is lacking the right workers. These “priority workers” include those with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, as well as outstanding professors and researchers, certain multilevel executives, and managers. The easiest path to immigration would be for your lawyer to help you qualify for this group. If you do not, you can also move forward by proving you are skilled, a certain type of special immigrant, or even going to create new jobs once you arrive and start a business.

We don’t expect you to fully understand the entire immigration process and which category you fall into. That is what our immigration attorneys are here for! There are many ways to contact an immigration professional at Beacon Immigration. Just give us a call at (800) 406-1579, fill out an online form, or stop by one of our Washington State offices.


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