It’s no secret that the current government wants more and more immigrants deported. This is a terrifying reality for families across the country, even here in Washington State. If you’re worried about being deported, especially if you’ve already received paperwork in the mail asking you to be seen by a judge, this is a very scary time for you.

You wouldn’t dream of handling your own medical care. You wouldn’t fly your own plane. You trust professionals for these tasks, because they are too important to get wrong! Just the same, navigating a complicated legal system and facing an immigration judge, ICE, and the government attorneys alone can be an impossible task. An immigration attorney, like those at Beacon Immigration, can help. We represent immigrants just like you and your family in deportation and removal proceedings throughout Washington State. A lawyer will evaluate your options and explain them to you in a way you can understand. We will then assist you in making an informed decision about which benefits to seek and how best to fight your case. Then we will prepare all the necessary paperwork and help you with gathering evidence. You don’t need to try and handle this alone! A lawyer is the best way to be successful in your deportation defense.

When you bring in a legal team from Beacon Immigration, you won’t be on your own. Once we prepare your applications, we will file them with the appropriate immigration courts and other offices. Once the day comes, we will represent you in all of your hearings. Get started today by requesting an appointment with an immigration attorney to go over your case.


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