79-year-old Man Demonstrates Commitment to Dreamers

July 25, 2018 11:05 am
by David Jakeman

Many Americans in their late seventies are looking for rest and relaxation. But while many retirees are out floating the Caribbean on cruise ships, 79-year-old Alan Dornan has been walking his neighborhood streets carrying a sign emblazoned with the phrase, “I Walk For Dreamers and all Immigrants.” His hard work has garnered attention that expands far beyond his little neighborhood; it’s a ray of hope in the midst of a lot of dismal news concerning immigrants.

Alan’s March for Immigrants

Back in January, Dornan began to walk around his neighborhood carrying his sign. Dornan has made the trek while battling scoliosis and severe stenosis. But those pains have not been enough to keep him down, especially when he sees an administration seemingly hell-bent on eliminating immigrants from the country.

Thanks to his persistence, Dornan’s message has spread far beyond his little neighborhood. Prominent figures, including Chelsea Clinton, have tweeted support for Dornan’s efforts. Plenty of other people have seen his commitment too, from Miami to Seattle. Immigration attorneys understand that public awareness of immigration ebbs and flows, as a distracted media often turns its head this way and that for the next attention grabbing story. One cannot disregard the irony of the massive attention paid to the Thai soccer players trapped in a cave, while hundred of young children in U.S. detention centers were still waiting to be reunited with their parents.

Inspiration for Immigrants and Citizens Alike

One of the neatest things about Darnon’s work is the number of people grateful for his support, especially when the immigration rhetoric can get so divisive, and people don’t know whom to trust. Some undocumented immigrants have even messaged him directly, expressing their gratitude and sharing their fears of what could happen to them should they be deported.1

You may think it’s facile or trite for someone to think they can change the world by walking around their neighborhood, but if there is one thing that experience has shown, it’s that there is a significant need to keep the subject of immigration in the public eye. Immigration attorneys understand that immigration reform will not come easy, and it will take the work of everyone to make it possible, especially those like Alan Dornan.

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