A Movie That All Seattle Immigration Lawyers Should Watch

June 1, 2015 4:20 am
by David Jakeman

It’s not every day that Seattle immigration attorneys get two things they’re very passionate about featured in a movie. In this case, in the Chinese romantic comedy “Finding Mr. Right,” they’re regaled with immigration issues and Seattle. The movie also points to the number of Chinese who are coming to the United States to have their children in the United States.

Plot Line (Spoiler Alert!)

The movie follows a woman, Jiajia, who is the mistress of a less-than-pleasant Beijing bigwig who has fallen under the eye of Chinese law enforcement officers. When Jiajia gets pregnant, it becomes necessary to send her elsewhere to avoid legal scrutiny. Hoping to avoid even more problems, Jiajia is sent to Seattle to give birth in a secret, and illegal, maternity center located in Seattle.

Jiajia is picked up at the Sea-Tac airport by a Chinese driver named Frank, and not surprisingly, this is where the real romance starts. Jiajia finds that she actually knows Frank from back in China. He had been a doctor in Beijing who had helped her father. Frank is now living in Seattle because his wife had come to the United States for a high-powered pharmaceutical job. While they are no longer together, he has stayed in the country to take care of his daughter, Julie. Frank doesn’t tell Jiajia that he is divorced, so it takes some time for the real romance to begin.

In order to not give the ending away, we’ll stop there for now. Not surprisingly, since Jiajia is the mistress of a high-powered man in China, she is a bit self-centered and a bit spoiled. She changes by the end, which of course she would have to, since no one really wants to cheer on a budding romance with a completely unlikable character.

Movie’s Review

Okay, sure, so the Seattle Times didn’t give it a very good review, calling the film “blandly generic and predictable from the get-go,”1 but Seattle immigration attorneys have got to have a special interest in this film. Seeing issues of immigration, Seattle, and romance play out on film has to be worth their time, right? Well, whether you choose to see it or not, at least you now know it exists.

Although it is illegal to come to the United States with the specific interest of giving birth, it is something that is happening. Sure, there is probably too much hysteria over anchor babies, but the fact that a major Chinese film portrays it shows that many in China understand that it is not an uncommon practice. And if rich Chinese individuals did not know that birth tourism exists by now, they probably do now with this movie. After watching this film, Seattle immigration lawyers might not be able to look at birthing centers in the Seattle area without wondering if some rich spoiled Chinese mistress has come to the United States and fallen in love with a former doctor taxi driver.

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