Big Tech and Immigration Law

May 4, 2016 7:32 am
by David Jakeman

Seattle immigration attorneys might have some more competition to worry about, but it’s not a new immigration law firm. No, it’s something a bit different. And it’s not surprising that it has to do with the tech world, seeing out it’s coming out of Seattle. Actually, at some level, it’s not quite a competition for immigration lawyers. It’s a new way of connecting individuals who need immigration advice.

New Immigration Lawyer, Online

The company is looking to expand its role in facilitating legal services. The company acts as a middleman between potential clients, their needs, and available attorneys who can take their call, and they are taking it to another level, providing more services, matching with a lawyer by providing extensive background information.

The lawyers have profile pictures, client ratings, company ratings, and published client reviews on them. To start out, the legal services will focus on business, family, and immigration issues. But it is easy to see that is something that could be scalable into numerous legal fields. The legal worlds can be confusing and scary, and sometimes people even forego the legal process because they’re afraid of the cost. The company provides the cost upfront, which helps clients feel more confident they know what they’re getting.

National Reach of Immigration Services

Seattle immigration attorneys and surrounding areas are not the only ones who might be worried a bit about the competition. The company has operations working in numerous states throughout the country. From Florida to Washington, they have expanded their reach. The company also has a Question and Answer forum with 9 million questions and answers. They’ve also established profiles of over 97% of immigration attorneys in the country.1

There is a lot that can be can to help immigration clients seeking good representation with understandable costs. Every field in the country is vulnerable to disruption from the tech world, and the field of immigration law is not different. So as the tech world continues to create new services, the immigration law field is one that will need to be on its toes. It’s important for all immigration attorneys, not just Seattle immigration attorneys, to keep abreast of what developments are happening throughout the country.

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