Boston Rally for Immigration Protection

June 28, 2015 2:36 pm
by David Jakeman

If you’re an undocumented immigrant in Boston, or a Boston immigration attorney, you probably would agree with a recent rally that promoted the passage of two bills designed to protect undocumented immigrants. The first bill would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. The second would prohibit local police from detaining undocumented immigrants for violations of federal immigration law.

The Benefits of These Bills

Although the bills have not been passed, it’s easy to see why advocates of immigrants’ rights would be in favor of the bills. If undocumented immigrants were provided with the means of driving, it would help ensure that more drivers on the roads are properly trained and certified. One of the biggest causes of death in the United States is automobile accidents. Any way to improve the safety on our roads is something worth considering.

It would also provide immigrants and cops with greater safety. If undocumented immigrants do not risk detention and deportation from being pulled over, high speed police chases would be a lot less likely. Police chases are also an example of something that can turn very deadly or destructive, and if we can stop more of those from happening, there is a lot that can be gained. It doesn’t take a Boston immigration attorney to figure that out.

The second bill would prohibit immigration enforcement by local law enforcement agents, which would also bolster the first bill by making it less likely that immigrants would feel like they needed to flee in the event of being pulled over by a police officer. The second bill would also bolster good relations between the immigrant community and local police officers, promoting feelings of trust as opposed to distrust. Most immigration lawyers have come into contact with undocumented immigrant clients who do not trust local law enforcement and officials. Having laws that protect undocumented immigrants would go a long way to promote safety and development in local communities.

Will the Bills Pass?

The immigration rally held in Boston hopes to spur on the passage of these two bills. The groups supporting their passage held up signs. A group of six people held up letters spelling out “SAFETY” in bold black letters. The dozens who gathered wanted to send the message that the state of Massachusetts would be much safer if the bills were to pass. They also pointed to states located nearby like Connecticut and Vermont that already allow immigrants to apply for drivers’ licenses.
Opponents of the bill are not so sure, arguing that such bills would incentivize breaking immigration laws for undocumented immigrants. They also fear that such provisions, like authorizing drivers’ licenses, would make the state a hub for those seeking skirt the law. The bills face great difficulty in gaining passage, with the governor opposing such measures.1 The debate surrounding these two bills is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. The Boston immigration rally and the debate surrounding their proposals serves as a reminder of how complicated the immigration debate can get and the need for large-scale solutions that promote the best interests of everyone.

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