Congress Mulls A Short-Term DACA Extension

January 29, 2018 4:41 pm
by David Jakeman

The clock is ticking for DACA. March 5 marks the end of DACA (although renewals can continue) and although Congress has vowed to create a lasting solution for DACA holders, so far, all they have to show for it is a lot of hot air.


Among the many ideas being floated on Capitol Hill is that of providing a one-year extension of DACA for those who currently have it in exchange for some border security funding. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina admitted that a temporary measure might be where things are headed since Congress is so dysfunctional these days. He added that it would be “a real loss.”
Other lawmakers have derided the idea of a temporary fix. Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina called it the “lazy way” out of the current mess, especially when there has been so much momentum towards trying to hammer out a deal. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida called the one-year extension “Plan Z.” Senator Susan Collins of Maine worried about leaving DACA holders living in fear for another year. 1

Trading Away the Farm

In addition, Democrats worry about trading temporary protections for DACA holders in exchange for permanent border fortifications. No one seemed thrilled about the possibility of being back in the same place a year from now, having the same tired negotiations, and playing the same political brinkmanship game of government shutdowns.

No one wants the DACA drama to drag on, least of all the young people whose lives hang in the balance. It’s high time Congress cowboyed up and created a permanent solution. Seatac immigration lawyers and other advocates are deeply concerned about the effect this limbo is having on their clients and friends. It’s hard to live with such uncertainty.

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