Deadlines for DACA

September 18, 2017 4:44 pm
by David Jakeman

DACA as we know it is winding down. The Trump administration announced the program’s end at the beginning of September. However, that doesn’t mean DACA is over yet. It’s important to pay attention to specific categories and dates to figure out what will happen to your application.

First-Time DACA Applications

If you are considering applying for DACA for the first time, you must have submitted your application by September 5, 2017. Otherwise, you are out of luck. No new applications are being accepted after that date. However, if you submitted your application by the deadline, USCIS will continue to process your application.

DACA Renewals

If you already have DACA, it remains valid until your individual expiration date. That is also true of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD). If you don’t know when it expires, then go look! This is a very important date to know, especially because of the recent announcement.

If your DACA expires sometime between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018, you can submit a renewal application. But you must do it before October 5, 2017. Your application does not have to be approved by this date, only submitted. This is the deadline for all DACA renewals, and this is what the Trump administration means by “winding down” the program. There is a window of time available to DACA applicants, but it is limited. So get your renewal application in!

DACA Deadline Debates

The above mentioned dates are the official DACA deadlines. However, at a court hearing a week after the DACA announcement, a Department of Justice attorney told the judge that the Department of Homeland Security is considering delaying the October 5 deadline. The judge responded by saying that if DHS didn’t do something, then he would. The reason given was the hurricanes, since people in the disaster zones might have a hard time meeting the deadline. However, no official decision has been reached, so as of now, October 5 is still the deadline.

Whether or not the deadline gets extended, if your DACA expires in the next six months, don’t wait to submit your renewal. Upon approval, the renewal will be good for an additional two years. And given the political hubbub on Capitol Hill right now, permanent relief might be on its way. But don’t miss this window waiting for politics. Talk to an immigration attorney in Vancouver or in your city for help with your DACA renewal.

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