Donald Trump Lights Fire Under Immigration Debate

September 30, 2015 11:44 am
by David Jakeman

Donald Trump has made a lot of people angry. The Republican presidential candidate has sparked the ire of both Democrats and Republicans alike for his comments on immigration. Trump, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, sparked anger with his comments that Mexican immigrants were the source of drugs and crime in the United States.
He also called some rapists, seeking to denigrate them in more ways than one. Such vitriolic language has fired up a contingent of Republicans who want the Republican Party to take a harsher stance on immigration. It’s has created a headache for the GOP establishment who wants to be seen as a party ready and willing to lead the country. If only it weren’t for an unruly segment of the party.

Trump’s Hold on News Cycle

If you haven’t heard of Donald Trump by now, you probably fall into one of these three categories. Category number one: you live under a ten-thousand pound rock that is impenetrable from any type of electronic signal. Category number two: you have severe restrictions on your media intake that make sure that you are only inundated with cute fluffy cat and kitten videos that wrap you up in a secure blanket of security and make the world bright and happy. And number three: you decided to take a spaceship to Pluto and said “To heck with this waste of a planet!”
If you’re reading this article, then you don’t belong to any of those groups. So you’re stuck trying to watch Trump control the media’s attention as he begins to make the rounds in a very crowded Republican presidential primary. The field is beyond crowded. It’s so crowded, it’s almost like you sent out a message on Facebook that Justin Bieber was going to be at the local middle school, except this middle school is the Republican presidential primary, Justin Bieber is the Republican presidential nomination, and all the screaming and passionate tweenage girls are Republican candidates. The conversations are about as substantive too.

Trump on Immigration

Trump has mastered the art of saying inflammatory things in order to keep the cameras pointed at his toupee, or him. The media is all too happy to oblige, knowing that the general public is all too willing to feed on a topic that creates more click bait than all of the Kardashians combined. The media isn’t partisan so much as it is corporate, and it wants to make money. So Trump will say all the crazy things he wants, and then back down trying to sound moderate about everything.1

So whether you’re a Hawaii immigration attorney working in the Pacific or a Kennewick immigration attorney busy in the Tri-Cities, chances are you’ve heard of Donald Trump. Perhaps life would be better if you were on your way to Pluto while watching calming cat videos. Maybe you can find a new home on Pluto under a ten thousand pound rock and escape this madness. The scary thing is, for the rest of us, the madness has only just begun.


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