Festive Portland Citizenship Ceremony

August 10, 2016 11:14 am
by David Jakeman

A large group of new U.S. citizens were sworn in early this May in Portland. Normally, when people think of Cinco de Mayo, they think of wonderful food, a festive atmosphere, and perhaps even a mariachi band. In this case, the festive atmosphere was here, punctuated with the happy announcement that they had all officially become American citizens. Portland immigration attorneys were surely happy for their clients, especially for the ones that faced uphill battles to get to this stage.

Backgrounds of Portland Immigrants

There were close to 50 immigrants in number, and they represented the rich diversity that makes up the threads of the extravagant fabric that is this United States of America. Some came from Guatemala, others from Canada. Others came from India, France, Haiti, and Jamaica. And perhaps the most fitting was a large contingent that stood for Mexico.

For all of the new citizens, the celebration represented a lot of work to get it all done. It was a difficult process, but they had finally made it. And what better way to celebrate than with some delicious tacos and tres leches for dessert? It’s hard to imagine a better celebration than this. The soon to be new citizens held small American flags and sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Supportive family members looked on with love and support. There was even an elaborate cake with frosting decorations depicting the American flag and words that read “Congratulations New Citizens.” Of course, there were the obligatory selfies to memorialize the occasion. It was truly a wondrous event.

Immigration Process

These happy moments are an example of the happy endings for the immigration process. It is often preceded by actions such as fingerprinting and background checks, a series of interviews, English exams, and quizzes on American history and civics. An earlier step is obtaining a green card. Ultimately, a Portland immigration attorney can be very helpful in this process.

As the Cinco de Mayo celebration concluded, one could only be happy for all these new citizens living in and around Portland. Immigrants are very much the lifeblood of the United States, and it’s these events that provide the opportunity to remember that reality. Immigrants will hopefully continue to be welcomed and helped as they begin this new stage of life as citizens of the United States of America.

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