Great Need for Hawaiian Immigration Attorneys

September 7, 2015 11:04 am
by David Jakeman

If you were a Hawaiian immigration attorney, it would be hard to believe you could get any work done with so many fun things to do. But Hawaii is an important place of immigration for many immigrants seeking a better life in the Pacific Rim. Hawaii represents an incredibly diverse state of the United States with a very unique history. Hawaii has grown significantly in the past four years, at about a rate of four percent. Some of that growth has come from births across the state and some of that growth has come from immigrants from around the world. As the state continues to grow and expand, it is not hard to believe that there will be a great need for more Hawaiian immigration attorneys.

Hawaii’s Demographics

Hawaii boasts an incredible diversity among its people. The largest demographic on the islands is Asian, at nearly 39 percent. That number seems high, but it actually used to be higher in the past three decades. Around 25 percent of the island is white and a similar percentage come from a biracial background. Ten percent of the island are native Hawaiians, and two percent are black.

One of the main reasons there is so much diversity on the islands is that Hawaii has long been at the crossroads for historical events. World War II, agricultural production, and Pacific trade routes all converged to make the islands a gathering point for many immigrants. To best meet the needs of this diverse and vibrant population, it’s important for Hawaiian immigration attorneys to be sensitive to and understanding of the different life experiences and backgrounds people might have.

Hawaii’s Islands

For those not familiar with the islands of Hawaii, or perhaps those who have not been blessed enough to visit Hawaii’s beauty and splendor, there are many islands with varying populations. Many of the islands have their Hawaiian names as well as nicknames that evoke a taste of what they are like.

The most populated and well-known island is that of Oahu. Its nickname, “The Gathering Place,” makes a lot of sense since it seems to draw the most people. The second most populated island is that of Hawai’i, known as “The Big Island.” It is followed by the island of Maui, whose nickname is “the Valley Isle.” Hawaii’s diverse islands have become homes to people from all over the world, except for the island of Kaho’olawe. With a population of zero, you’re unlikely to find or need a Hawaiian immigration attorney there.

The rich human, biologic, topographic, and geographic diversity of Hawaii cannot be overstated. Its growth and rich history have been an important story for the Pacific, especially with its link to the mainland United States, located so far away. Its geographic distance has helped preserve more local approaches to life, even if the advent of television and the internet have continued to incorporate it further in to US mass culture. Many people come to Hawaii and fall in love with it immediately. Hawaii is a great place, especially if you’re an immigration attorney who likes to surf.

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