Hawaii Immigration Attorneys Have It Easy

September 18, 2015 11:32 am
by David Jakeman

How many jokes are there about lawyers? Probably about 1,000 jokes for every lawyer, and some would argue that’s probably still not enough. Lawyers don’t always have the best reputations. Perhaps part of that is deserved. Perhaps part of that is the adversarial court system they work in. But many people have remarked that immigration lawyers tend to be happier, more people- focused individuals than lawyers overall. That may be because immigration lawyers often go into immigration law because they like interacting with people, and they do it because they want to help people who may be in difficulty.

Hawaii Immigration Attorney

But if you’re looking for a good lawyer in Hawaii and you find them to be more relaxed than others that you have run into, it might not be just because immigration attorneys have a better reputation than, say, corporate lawyers. Hawaiian immigration lawyers don’t have the same pressures for continuing education as other lawyers throughout the country.
In fact, Hawaii and Alaska require their lawyers to take the fewest hours of continuing education classes after they graduate and pass the bar. So perhaps Alaskan immigration attorneys are also a little more relaxed. Alaskan immigration attorneys might also be doing better because they eat more fresh salmon. But perhaps they’re a little more stressed because they fear a raging grizzly bear attack.

Continuing Education for Immigration Attorneys

All joking aside, the state bar for different states sets up requirements for immigration attorneys in an effort to ensure that lawyers stay on top of the changes and shifts in the legal field. And there really a lot of changes that go on, with new legislation always being passed, new jurisprudence, and even new technology that is changing how law is practiced, even in the immigration law field.

So it’s a big deal when an organization like the State Bar of California makes rumblings about changing the requirements for lawyers seeking to maintain their ability to practice law. California currently requires 25 hours of legal education classes for every three-year time frame. Other states actually require nearly double that amount—45 hours.1 These legal classes are not always the best, and some are deadly dull, but it is important that when seeking a lawyer you find someone who has worked hard to keep up to date in the field they’re working in. Otherwise they may not know about avenues that would best resolve your case.

Immigration is a tricky subject, full of complex rules, regulations, and protocols. So whether or not your Hawaiian immigration attorney is as relaxed and friendly as they should be, you do want them to know their stuff. And since they don’t have to take as many classes for continuing education, it’s probably even more important that you do your homework to find someone who is well qualified. If they’re good at surfing, that’s probably a plus.

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