Immigration Fraud in Atlanta

March 2, 2015 7:30 am
by David Jakeman

As recent events in Atlanta make all too painfully clear, you should always try to get the best immigration lawyer you can. A few days ago, federal authorities brought additional charges against an Atlanta immigration attorney who allegedly committed several acts of immigration fraud. Her poor clients probably knew next to nothing about the possible ramifications that her actions could have. They are now watching her face her own issues with the legal system.

Atlanta Immigration Attorney’s Charges

Bonnie Monique Youn is accused of having submitted false documents for three undocumented immigrants who were looking for help to improve their immigration status. But prosecutors argue that she didn’t stop there. In addition to other charges previously brought against Youn, prosecutors have also charged her with two counts of visa fraud, two counts of alien harboring, and two counts of witness tampering. All of these charges are serious on their own; together, they’re pretty sobering. The charges display the possible lengths Youn might have gone to in trying to manipulate the immigration system.

Obviously, if Youn were able to help clients by using a dishonest approach, she would benefit immensely by gaming the immigration system and making money. One agent in the investigation says that she has undermined “the integrity of our immigration system by filing false documents.”1 In addition to the false documents she submitted, she tried to tamper with witnesses to stop her alleged misdeeds from reaching the ears of investigators.

Need for Good Immigration Services

This Atlanta immigration attorney’s behavior shows how important it is to look for a trustworthy attorney who will do the utmost to help you within the bounds of the law. It can be difficult, however, to find excellent service. Remember that you can always ask to see an attorney’s credentials. And don’t be afraid to try to find reviews of the immigration law firm outside of the law firm.

On the whole, if you have an immigration attorney doing something that seems dishonest, you can always seek a second opinion. Sometimes a second opinion is actually the best option. Try to visit a few immigration attorneys to shop around. Many offer free initial consultations. Of course that can always be a challenge, because immigrants are often working difficult hours and lack the flexibility to make such an informed choice. In the long run, though, it can be worth the extra effort to avoid the heartache caused by an unscrupulous immigration attorney.