Immigration Fraud in Miami

July 28, 2016 10:40 am
by David Jakeman

Miami immigration attorneys, at least the good ones, know that immigration fraud is a serious offense. If you do it, you can get in a lot of trouble. A recent case of a Venezuelan exile in Miami displays the challenge for federal officials in tracking immigration fraud. Normally such cases don’t make huge headlines, but the recent prosecution of Maylin Silva has been bigger news because she is a prominent member of the Venezuelan exile community.

Immigration Fraud Case

Silva’s position is well known in the south Florida region among the Venezuelan immigrant community. She at one point was at the head of an organization that was called Todos por Venezuela. The English equivalent is “All for Venezuela.” She has been accused of committing fraud on a number of immigration applications. They allegedly took place from 2005 to 2014.

She was taken into custody in New York but was then allowed to travel to Miami with the promise that she would show up for federal court. But instead of showing up, she took off her electronic ankle bracelet and bought a ticket to Venezuela. She was apprehended before she was able to board a flight to Caracas. Her alleged intention was to go into hiding after she had been charged by a grand jury in Miami with conspiracy to encourage immigrants to come to the United States illegally and obtain immigration benefits.

Miami Immigration Services

Stories like Silva’s should be a reminder for those seeking a good Miami immigration attorney to make sure their services are legitimate. You can always ask to see an attorney’s licensing, and if something about an attorney doesn’t feel right, it is always good to ask for a second opinion. Some immigration lawyers even offer free initial consultations.

At this stage, Silva has not decided what her plea will be. At first it appeared that she would plead guilty, but she has now said she wants more time to go over the evidence presented against her with her attorneys. Those who help, or commit, immigration fraud can end up in a whole world of trouble. Cases in Miami are not the only ones that have cropped up across the country. 1

Federal officials have to work hard to ensure that vulnerable immigrants are protected. If you suspect that you or a friend is being asked to do something dishonest by someone providing immigration services, then you should think about contacting authorities who can check into those issues. If Silva is indeed guilty, then one can only hope that she will be stopped from circumventing the law.

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