Look Out Hillary, Jeb Bush has a Secret Weapon

June 15, 2015 4:31 am
by David Jakeman

Most analysts and political strategists agree that it is going to be very difficult for any Democratic challenger to wrest the Democratic presidential nomination from frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Assuming she goes on to win the nomination, who would she like to face? Probably not Jeb Bush, and here’s why.

Immigration Key Issue

As Republicans are just about to bloody the waters with a bitter primary fight, it is hard to know who will come out alive. Many strong candidates have come forward, Jeb Bush among them. One unique skill that would help him immensely in the general presidential election is his fluency in Spanish.

It’s not difficult to see why this would be very beneficial for someone trying to garner more of the Latino population’s vote. Being able to speak to many voters in their native language provides an intimacy that does not exist when speaking through an interpreter or voiceover commercials. This is one of the major reasons why Hillary Clinton would probably rather face someone else come presidential election time.

Florida Experience

Most Florida immigration attorneys are likely aware that Bush was able to campaign and bolster ties to the immigrant community by speaking Spanish in his gubernatorial campaign.1 Additionally, Bush is not running away from his softer stance on immigration; likely believing that if he were to come down harshly on immigration reform, he would have no chance at winning a general election. This could be quite a challenge, with some states even having closed primaries where only registered Republicans can vote in a Republican primary. These types of rules can leave more moderate voters out of the political process and hand over greater power to hardliners in the party.

It would be quite fascinating to see a candidate who can reach the Spanish-speaking immigrant community directly. Bush and Marco Rubio have this ability, and it would be interesting to see how that could shape a campaign. One way Clinton could counter this would be picking a vice-presidential candidate who also spoke Spanish. But that might be getting a little too far ahead of ourselves. There are many more miles to go on the campaign.

It remains to be seen if Clinton will have any major rivals. Bernie Sanders is one recent addition to the political arena, but most political observers believe he has little hope in disrupting the Clinton political ship’s charted path. It seems likely that Clinton’s biggest challenge will come after the Democratic primary, and that just might come from someone like Bush or Rubio. Florida immigration lawyers are actually quite familiar with both candidates, as Bush and Rubio have gained their political experience in the state. It just remains to be seen whether they can get out of the Republican primary’s crowded field. Then they might be able to use their secret weapon.

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