Man Crashes Anti-Immigration Rally

August 24, 2015 4:47 am
by David Jakeman

This country has seen immigration protests all over the place during the past few years. The protests have taken on different shapes and sizes, from Tacoma to Tallahassee. Some have been large gatherings and marches through streets. Others have been small, concerted groups working to stop deportations. We’ve seen people form human chains, at times even reinforced with pipes and chains. Some have placed themselves in front of buses that are set to leave deportation centers.

Rallies Against Immigrants

But there have been other rallies that have taken on the opposite side of the immigration debate. Immigration and immigration reform are topics that can spark heated debate. At times, there have even been rallies of immigration reform advocates on one side of the street, and on the other, an opposite rally, advocating harsher restrictions on undocumented immigration and strengthening the U.S. border with Mexico.

These rallies have sometimes turned ugly, with insults being thrown here and there. On a bright note, a video that recently surfaced on YouTube that showed a lighthearted approach to disagreement: a man waving a Mexican flag in the midst of an anti-illegal immigration rally. The video was posted to YouTube, and it apparently is set at the scene of a rally for those supporting the controversial Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In the video, amidst the crowd holding signs that said “stop illegal immigration,” a man waving a Mexican flag begins to dance in and among the different people. Apparently one member of the rally, whose voice is strikingly similar to the Muppet Sam the Eagle, got annoyed and started filming. The person filming perhaps wanted to show the man in a negative light, but the man seems to be mostly just having a good time.

Conversation at Immigration Rally

The camera follows the man as he dances around up and down the sidewalk. It seems like the man was getting more honks from the cars driving by than the rest of the protest. At the end after someone honked, he turned to the camera and said, “See, nobody likes you guys. I’m livening up the party.” He dances a little bit more, and then calls out jokingly, “Stop illegal immigration! You turned me to the dark side, I love it.” He seemed to be having a fun time, and he is relatively at ease for being in the middle of what probably felt like a hostile group of people.1

Now going into a group of protestors who vehemently disagree with you is probably not always the wisest decision, but one has to admire the audacity with which this man confronts those who disagree with him. He even does it with a good sense of humor. The immigration debate is a very difficult one, with many moving parts. Sometimes the political debate can become over-simplified and turned into sound bites to score political points. Perhaps we all just need to dance a little more.


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