National and International Condemnation of Pasco Shooting

March 27, 2015 4:21 pm
by David Jakeman

A recent police shooting captured on a cell phone in Pasco, Washington has made national and international news. The story is now well known. Antonio Zambrano-Montes was filmed throwing rocks at passing cars and police officers. Police then chased him across the street, where they then unloaded several bullets at Zambrano-Montes, who appeared to only have his hands raised.

Many have questioned the use of deadly force against a man not armed with a knife or gun, and it has brought up the questions of the increasingly militarized nature of police as well as police treatment of Hispanics and African Americans. It has sent ripples not just across the United States, but through the international community as well.

International Outcry

Zambrano-Montes was an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, and the Mexican government has reacted strongly against what it sees as a disproportionate force. The Mexican foreign affairs ministry has reportedly written to the Pasco district attorney and chief of police, calling for an “exhaustive investigation to determine responsibility for the deeply regrettable incident.”

The ministry also released a statement that said that the Mexican government condemns such instances where force is used in such a disproportionate way, especially when it leads to the loss of life. The statement also said that such incidents hurt communities and undermine trust in local authorities. The Mexican president has also condemned the police shooting.

Pasco Police Past

Pasco immigration attorneys might remember a recent civil lawsuit lodged against one of the police officers involved in the shooting. In the lawsuit, Maria Davila-Marquez accused one of the police officers of pulling her over and mistaking her identity. The police officer allegedly forced her face onto a car hood that was extremely hot. The lawsuit was settled outside the courtroom the next year, and it doesn’t appear that either officer involved was disciplined.1

Like most people, Kennewick immigration lawyers, understand that police officers have difficult jobs, but there also has to be trust built up with immigrant communities. Recent events in Pasco show that one horrible event is impossible to erase and can damage efforts to build bridges to underserved communities. Hopefully the recent events can help local city officials solve problems that inhibit good relationships between local law enforcement and the local community. Tri-City area immigration attorneys can help serve as a bridge, understanding the difficult circumstances that many in the immigrant community find themselves in.