Pasco Immigration Scene Revisited Six Months Later

November 2, 2015 6:38 am
by David Jakeman

For residents of the Tri-City area, the news of police shooting Antonio Zambrano-Montes had a chilling effect. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, it has been interesting to see that there has not been a comparable movement for Latinos. For those who have seen the video, the Zambrano-Montes shooting is very disturbing. The police shot and killed an unarmed undocumented immigrant who had been throwing rocks at them.

In conversations about disproportional police responses, it is surprising that more people have not spoken about the Pasco shooting. Pasco immigration attorneys are all too familiar with the issues, but some are surprised that the story has not garnered more national attention and outcry. There are several possible reasons why this might be the case.

National Commentators

Some commentators think there are different reasons behind why more people are not speaking about the issue. Part of the reason that there has not been more attention is because some believe that the national media is not used to covering issues of discrimination against Latinos. Others are probably more keen to dismiss stories of brutality because the person’s immigration status is often mentioned.

If a person harmed by police actions is undocumented, there is a greater likelihood that they will be blamed for the action because some observers think that if the person had not come to the United States in the first place, they would not have had the problem. Some also think it could be because comprehensive statistics do not exist on police casualties.
Another reason why the Pasco shooting did not seem to spur more of a movement is that Latino leaders are very interested in the issue of immigration, and with so much attention an d energy being put in to try to promote comprehensive immigration reform, attention to police brutality has not gotten as much attention. Kennewick immigration attorneys understand how important immigration reform is to these leaders and how it can be a real challenge to mount campaigns on two separate issues, especially when immigration issues seem to have ground to a halt.1

Protection for Immigrant Communities

One of the most important things for immigrant communities is a safe place for their families. Trust in the police is vital in ensuring that criminals are reported and that families know they can go to law enforcement for help. The number of undocumented immigrants is likely to have played an important role in why some people in the immigrant community are afraid to rally in support of reform.

Kennewick immigration attorneys have long been interested in helping the Tri-City immigrant population feel safe and welcome. It takes more than just attorneys though; all segments of society need to care. Here’s hoping the police can make an effort to ensure that this type of shooting doesn’t happen again.