President Trump Suspends Immigration for 60 Days

June 8, 2020 2:39 pm
by David Jakeman

In an effort to address the massive unemployment now sweeping the country because of quarantine measures, President Trump announced drastic changes to immigration at the end of April 2020. These changes have left many immigrants in limbo. Here’s a quick rundown of what the changes mean.

Immigration Restrictions

For the next 60 days, President Trump is suspending the entry of any of the following  immigrants:

  • You are outside the US on the effective date of the proclamation,
  • You don’t have an immigrant visa that is valid on the effective date of President Trump’s proclamation
  • and you don’t have an official travel document that is valid on the effective date of the proclamation (or one issued after the proclamation that allows you to enter the US).

Exceptions to the Proclamation

However, President Trump also outlined a list of limitations to his proclamation. The immigration restrictions don’t apply to the following categories of people:

  • legal permanent residents of the US
  • health care professionals, medical researchers studying COVID-19, other workers essential to addressing the virus outbreak. This also includes spouses and unmarried children under age 21.
  • E-5 investor visa applicants
  • spouses of US citizens
  • anyone important for law enforcement objectives
  • members of the US Armed Forces along with their spouses and children
  • applicants for Special Immigrant Visas in the SI or SQ classifications
  • anyone whose entry is in the national interest

This proclamation is difficult news for many people who have planned and saved, whatever their purpose in coming to the United States. Unfortunately, even immigration lawyers don’t have answers about how to predict what will happen, since so many things are so uncertain in the face of the pandemic. However, we are always here to offer counsel and guidance for your personal situation and how these changes might affect you personally.

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