Seattle Immigration Lawyer Asks for More Time

May 29, 2015 4:15 am
by David Jakeman

Working as an immigration lawyer can sometimes feel like a roller coaster. There are so many ups and downs, even in just one day. You may have the high of attending one of your client’s citizenship ceremonies only to then receive the news that one of your clients is being deported. There can be incredibly heartwarming stories as well as incredibly tragic ones.

For one forty-year-old undocumented immigrant, his immigration story of coming to the United States is very much of the tragic kind. Adam Crapser, a Korean-American adoptee, is facing deportation forty years after he was brought to the United States. Only time will tell whether or not his Seattle immigration attorney will be able to help sort out his situation.

Adam’s Story

Adoption, especially international adoption, can be challenging for children and for parents. Although it is already a massive change for a child to fly into a completely new country, for Adam, it was even more difficult. He spent time in two foster homes during his childhood; in one of the homes—that of Thomas Francis and Dolly-Jean Crapser—he suffered abuse. His foster parents were charged with domestic and sexual abuse of all children.

For Adam, it was especially difficult. His foster parents never actually submitted the legal documents necessary to obtain citizenship in the United States. For a long time, they also refused to give him his adoption papers, which would have made it possible for him to try to solve the bureaucratic mess himself.

About three years ago, Adam applied for a green card, but found that because of a criminal record, he would face deportation. Some of the stories of his criminal past only make his story all the more tragic. For example, Adam had been kicked out of the home of the Crapsers. He was arrested for breaking into the house to get some personal belongings: a Korean Bible and a pair of sandals. These were the only things he had left from what he came with from Korea.

Adam’s Attorney

Adam’s Seattle immigration attorney has asked for more time to figure out how to proceed. The US government’s legal team brought forward two additional allegations against Adam, prompting his attorney to ask for an extension. Adam’s life story obviously deserves sympathy, and many activists around the country have rallied to his side.

There could also be hope in a bill two Democratic Senators are hoping to pass that would grant automatic citizenship for all transnational adoptees.1 It is incredible that a child brought into this country to be adopted would not have protections to keep them from being deported. Adam’s story sheds light on the complicated, messy, and all too often tragic side of the immigration scene. Adam, and other transnational adoptees, deserve so much better. One can only hope that his Seattle immigration attorney can figure out a way to keep him in the country with his family.


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