Seattle Immigration Wall

August 5, 2016 11:06 am
by David Jakeman

Walls have been a common theme in the recent presidential election. Donald Trump has made it a centerpiece of his campaign. His anti-immigration rhetoric has inflamed passion on both sides of the debate, and those passions recently took center stage on the University of Washington campus.

Seattle Immigration Debate

Seattle immigration attorneys who watch the immigration debate likely noticed the recent story about a number of Trump supporters on the University of Washington Campus who gathered in the University of Washington’s Red Square. The centerpiece of their political stance was a large plywood wall that was painted to look like a brick wall. The words “Trump Wall” were painted on the surface.

One Trump supporter wore a red shirt with large block white letters that read “Trump Force One.” But the Trump supporters appear to have been vastly outnumbered by the Trump opponents. Some held signs that said, “Jesus loves Muslims;” others had signs that said “Stomp Trump Now,” and “Immigrant Lives Matter.” Many rival protesters were chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Trump has got to go.” The protestors encircled the Trump protestors, and a life size cutout of Bernie Sanders was put in front of the wall.

Climbing “Trump Wall”

Perhaps the most symbolic action of the entire afternoon was when one of the students, Crystal Pino, was helped over the 8-foot wall by friends, receiving cheers among the crowd. The Trump supporters allegedly had said that she would not be able to get over. Pino said she was Mexican and found the Trump support to be upsetting. After this time, the UW police asked for the protest to be disbanded.
The support for Trump on Washington’s campus does not appear to be a large proportion of the students, but some Trump supporters believe that there are more students who support Trump but don’t want to come out in the open. University of Washington’s president found the wall to be offensive, even if she supported the rights of students to express their opinions.

UW’s president, Ana Mari Cauce, was a refugee from Cuba following the rise of Fidel Castro, so she has a special place for immigrants. Seattle immigration lawyers will keep a close eye on future developments, including the debates on the University of Washington’s campus.1

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