Tacoma Immigrant Detainee in National News

May 24, 2016 2:58 pm
by David Jakeman

Adam Crapser got one of the worst starts imaginable in the United States. Crapser was born in Korea and was brought to the United States to be placed in what was supposed to be a better situation than the orphanage in Korea. Many Tacoma immigration attorneys have heard of his sad situation. The first two homes he stayed in were abusive, and they never filed the right paperwork to allow him to gain legal residency in the country. His lack of proper immigration papers has landed him in immigration detention.

Now, national news outlets have taken up his cause, and many are voicing protests about his recent detention in the Northwest Detention Center located in Tacoma. Like too many others, Crapser’s story is one that pulls at the heartstrings, and he is the face of an immigration system where too many vulnerable are ground up by faceless bureaucratic functions.

Before Tacoma Detention Center

Adam’s story in the United States began when he was adopted by U.S. parents from a Korean orphanage at the age of three. The duty for making sure that the right paperwork was filed lay at the feet at his adoptive parents. They never did anything.

It’s ironic that the United States is in the throes of what is considered by sociologists to be “emerging adulthood,” where young adults are not becoming independent until their mid-twenties, while we hold someone responsible for actions that weren’t taken when he was a young child worrying about surviving abusive situations. Now a man who has really only known the United States as his home, and who has his own small family, is detained and may be deported to South Korea.

Stopping Deportation from Northwest Detention Center

The wheel of immigration enforcement turns slowly, but it also grinds those in its way into a fine dust. Crapser’s tragic story has been able to get numerous advocates across the country calling for his support, but that is not always enough to stop deportation. Activists have taken up his cause in many different ways.

There is a petition to stop him from being deported and to have him released from the detention center. There are also letters being written to the immigration judge who oversees the Tacoma Detention Center through Adam’s attorney. Especially for those who know Adam, these letters can help support his case. They are also encouraging organizations or congregations to help support the cause as well.1

There are also funds for adoptee defense, which helps cover legal and counseling fees for cases like Adam’s, where adoptees were not given the right immigration documents. It is a difficult situation where children who had no role in this challenge are then asked to pay the punishment. It is not difficult for Tacoma immigration lawyers to see why this case has gotten so much national attention.

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