Tacoma Immigration Support RV

November 23, 2015 7:06 am
by David Jakeman

Most Tacoma immigration attorneys are familiar with the Northwest Detention Center. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since many detained immigrants in the Pacific Northwest area end up there. But not all may be familiar with the 36-foot long recreational vehicle which works as a welcome mobile. The RV provides a number of services and displays the warmth that many advocates for immigrants provide.

Tacoma Immigration RV

The RV helps out the number of immigrants released from the detention center who don’t have family or friends nearby who can help out. It is run by the nonprofit organization Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest. It sits on the Tacoma Tideflats, waiting to welcome in recently released immigrants. The RV has phone access, food and drinks, toiletries, and bus cards along with maps and directions of the area.

Those leaving the detention center can often be in difficult situations, and some may have been transferred directly from the border. Thanks to the RV, immigrants can get into contact with family members who live in different states or find modes of transportation to reach loved ones who live as far away as Maryland.

Northwest Detention Center

Guards have even started telling the recently detained immigrants about the RV. The services provided are invaluable, in part because some of the immigrants may speak little to no English. From the beginning, the RV has had a lot of visitors. It had sixteen visitors in just the first two days that it was running. Meeting the demand for services is going to be a challenge. Any volunteers, especially those with foreign language skills, would likely be welcomed.

Volunteers will also be on hand to help with certain paperwork required of the immigrants.1 It is nice to know that there are friendly faces awaiting those leaving the Northwest Detention Center. The Tacoma-based holding facility has come under fire over the past several years for its treatment of immigrants, a fact that many Tacoma immigration attorneys are well aware of. It is impressive to see the ingenuity and kindness of immigrant advocates seeking to fill in the gaps of the overwhelmed immigration system.

It remains to be seen if more substantive reforms to immigration policies will come into effect. Washington appears to not be ready to do anything until after the presidential election season, and it is difficult to see a Republican Congress willing to work with a Democratic president. It is possible that the best hope for immigration reform might come from a Republican centrist, but such a candidate might not make it out of the Republican primary, given the surge in support for outside candidates. Whatever the case, Tacoma immigration lawyers will keep an eye out for that RV when they visit the detention center. With such committed members, you’re likely to see it sitting out on the Tacoma Tideflats for some time.

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