Trump’s Miami Rally’s Immigration Explosion

November 3, 2015 7:15 am
by David Jakeman

This season’s presidential primary election cycle has been heated and testy. One of the biggest surprises of the race so far has been Donald Trump. At first dismissed as a carnival barker, the celebrity has become a frontrunner in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Trump has ridden a wave of populist anti-immigration support. Given his position on immigration, it probably wasn’t surprising when at a Trump rally in Miami, an immigration activist was dragged out by his collar byTrump supporters.

Miami Event

Trump’s Miami rally was interrupted a number of times by different individuals seeking to disrupt the event. Several students from Florida International University led the efforts. One, named Ariel Rojas, appears to have been dragged to the ground and then kicked by Trump supporters. At this stage, it appears that the person who dragged Rojas to the ground was a Trump supporter at the rally. It appears that Trump may have urged the protestors on, saying, “You can get ‘em out, but don’t hurt ‘em.”

The protestors held up signs that said “Dignity” and “Equality.” Trump at first appeared to take the protests in stride, but as the interruptions grew, he expressed his frustration even more. Trump’s visit to Miami was his first so far in the Republican primary season, and he took the opportunity to fire shots at Ben Carson and Jeb Bush. Not surprisingly, Trump repeated his often-used bullet point of building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, promising that he can get Mexico to pay for.1

Moderate Republicans

Moderate Republicans who see the need to capture the Latino vote have been increasingly frustrated with Trump’s ability to rally a segment of the Republican base. Trump’s presence has also caused many Republicans to move further to the right on immigration. Trump has really tapped into the frustrations of a number of Republican voters who believe their party has been too weak on the issue of immigration. Such palpable anger appears to have been displayed in the event in Miami. Immigration attorneys have paid close attention to the Republican presidential primaries, and many have been surprised at how big of a role immigration has played.

Trump’s explosive—and at times, insensitive—language has amazed many. His characterization of Mexican immigrants as by and large criminal and dishonest would have sunk most political campaigns, but Trump appears to be made of Teflon. Perhaps many people don’t expect much from Trump because he’s not a traditional candidate. His success might also speak to the fact that that much of the presidential campaign is less about politics and more about having a recognizable name.

Trump has long been portrayed as a person of authority on his show The Apprentice, so many less-politically inclined Americans see Trump as someone who knows what’s going on. But even the smartest Miami immigration attorney would have probably been surprised if a year ago you would have said that Trump would be a leading Republican presidential candidate. Only time will tell if that will still be the case in another year.


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