Woman Marries Ten Different Men for Immigration

August 3, 2015 8:38 am
by David Jakeman

Immigration lawyers handle different family immigration issues all of the time. One very common situation is for immigration attorneys to help couples where one spouse is already a citizen of the United States. This can often make the process for gaining citizenship much easier. Apparently it was too easy for one woman, who allegedly married ten different men over the past eleven years in order to help her new “husband” gain citizenship.

A Wide Array of Backgrounds

The New York woman married men from all over the world: Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Pakistan rounded out the diverse group of men. Six marriages occurred in a time frame of just over six months. One of the men she married, who came from Pakistan, was actually deported after he made threats against the United States. Because of the craziness of the situation, some have started calling her the serial bride.

What got the New York woman into trouble was lying on a form in 2010 saying that it was her first marriage. She had obtained marriage licenses throughout the New York region, including the Bronx, Westchester, and Long Island. Apparently she did not bother getting divorced to most of them, being married to eight of them at the same time. That was probably not the best idea.1

Avoiding Immigration Problems

Perhaps this is not on most immigrants’ radars, but you should probably avoid marrying someone who has already married eight other people and not divorced them if you want to have a viable way of gaining citizenship in the United States. Immigration scams are often all over the news, but it is hard to remember a time that demonstrated such a brazen disregard for the law. Being that dishonest in your dealings with immigration regulations is very likely to send you to deportation hearings.

For her part, the serial bride was recently called in for a hearing in front of the Bronx Supreme Court judge. The only problem was, she didn’t show up. The judge has issued a warrant for her arrest for not showing up, and it will be interesting to see if she is found. There is no word yet whether her numerous husbands are also looking for her, or if the marriages were meant to deceive immigration officials from the beginning.

The best defense against these types of challenges is to not do such dishonest things in an attempt to gain citizenship in the United States. Any immigration attorney who advises you to do something that seems illegal should be questioned. It is always important to be open and honest with your attorney so that they can best know how to help you. Hopefully no one reading this article has had the unfortunate experience of finding out that their spouse had already been married ten times. While U.S. immigration law can seem a bit crazy, it’s seems a bit saner when you compare it to the actions of the serial bride.

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