Zuckerberg Supports Obama’s Immigration Action

March 31, 2016 10:48 am
by David Jakeman

Whether you’re a Waikoloa immigration attorney or a Portland immigration attorney, you’ve likely heard of Facebook, and Facebook’s founder and CEO recently came out with a statement that has a number of immigration attorneys talking. Mark Zuckerberg, along with a number of high-profile tech leaders came out in support of Obama’s executive action that would provide a path forward to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the United States.

Tech Leader Support

The group of tech leaders says that the United States needs to have a better immigration system because U.S. companies have been hurt by immigration enforcement policies that hurt productivity. They believe that Obama’s actions should be allowed to go forward. Obama’s program, which is an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), has been met with a large amount of controversy. Numerous states, over twenty-five, actually, have filed appeals to block Obama’s action.

The case has wound its way through the federal court system, and the nation’s immigration attorneys have watched it with much interest. It is difficult to know what the decision on the case will be, especially with the recent death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Court cases can be tricky, and Obama’s actions, no matter how much hope they’ve given the U.S. immigrant community, are much wider and sweeping than previous such actions.

Zuckerberg’s Statement

Zuckerberg signed a document that many other tech leaders signed as well that calls for the court to uphold the Obama decision. It is unlikely that such a letter will sway court officials one way or the other, but it is at some level a very powerful symbolic statement. The tech world has benefited immensely from immigrants to the United States, so it is not difficult to see why they would be in favor of Obama’s action.

Zuckerberg also made his opinion clear, not surprisingly to many immigration attorneys, via Facebook. Zuckerberg wrote “As I travel around the world, I see many nations turning inwards. I hear growing voices for building walls and distancing people labeled as ‘other.’ Whether it’s refugees, undocumented immigrants or underrepresented minorities, I hope we have the wisdom to understand that the best path forward is always to bring people together, not divide them.”1

Of course there are a number of critics who don’t fully buy the tech world’s support for more H-1B visas, since tech companies are seen to desire such visas so they can hire foreign workers at lower pay rates than their American counterparts. The critics also say there is plenty of domestic labor in the tech industry; it’s just not being tapped into. Whatever happens, immigration attorneys from Waikoloa to Miami will be awaiting the Supreme Court decision in June, following hearings in April. The news will also likely be all over Facebook.

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