Family Immigration

Family unification and immigration is very important to us. We help you through the often difficult and lengthy process. We identify all possibilities for families to stay together or reunite. Brothers, sisters, parents, and children may be eligible to petition for a family member or be the beneficiary of a family petition.

The process often begins with a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident family member filing a visa petition (I-130) for a family member. Once approved, that petition may lead to consular processing at a U.S. consulate in the family member’s home country, or submitting a green card application while in the U.S. The green card process within the United States is called “Adjustment of Status”.

Other forms of family based immigration include bringing a fianc(é)e to the U.S. on a fianc(é)e (K) visa, visas or travel documents for humanitarian purposes, or simply visitor visas to allow family to visit for a short time. Whatever the issue may be, we handle all forms, documents, and correspondence with immigration. We will help you make an informed decision to ensure the most effective family-based immigration solution possible.

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